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Article: The VOLUMEN-WUNDER Noo-Poo shampoo & dry shampoo: pure nature

Das VOLUMEN-WUNDER Noo-Poo Shampoo & Trockenshampoo: Natur pur

The VOLUMEN-WUNDER Noo-Poo shampoo & dry shampoo: pure nature

Noo-Poo Solution & Dry Shampoo

You've known about No Poo for a long time and dry shampoo too, but you don't really know what exactly is behind these mountain reefs? Or did you get stuck with rye flour and apple cider vinegar? Then you will receive answers from me today! And the perfect no-poo solution that smells good and is easy to use!!

Are you enthusiastic about the “less is more” movement, increased environmental awareness and are you constantly trying to reduce your consumption in the bathroom? Then our new creation dry shampoo and no-poo shampoo would be just right for you!
You probably know soapnuts from the detergent section in the health food store. They naturally contain saponins , i.e. natural surfactants, and are therefore also suitable for washing hair. Soap nuts are very mild and can still thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp. It takes a bit of effort, but it's worth it: the soapnut as a noo-poo
Leaves hair particularly soft and shiny; as a dry shampoo, the soap nut gives the hair a lot of hold, volume and fullness ! Hair cleansing and strengthening in just one natural product!
Soap nuts grow on the soap nut tree (genus of soap trees). They are native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, where the nuts are traditionally used to wash hair and clothing. But they are also known as remedies in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The tree bears its first fruit after ten years, which can then be harvested every autumn for around ninety years.

Similar to chestnuts, the nuts of the soapnut tree contain a high proportion of saponins .

Our soap nut powder is certified organic, heavy metal tested, pesticide tested, vegan and naturally cruelty-free ! It is very environmentally friendly and ecologically harmless.

Its high anti-dandruff effect is excellent, it is also very well tolerated by allergy sufferers and the powder is completely compostable.

The saponin content is around 15%, which is responsible for the detergency of the nut powder.
The soap nut shampoo combats dandruff for a long time and effectively, soothes irritated itchy scalps and gives the hair a silky shine and more vitality . After washing, the hair is easy to comb through and becomes less greasy .

When combined with water, our soap nut powder creates a beautiful, constant foam that has particularly cleansing properties. Used as a dry shampoo, your hair maintains its hold and grip . Fine hair in particular benefits from this and is easier to style!

The pH value of the soap nut shells is 4.5 – 5.5. In addition, the shells are hypoallergenic and have an antibacterial effect.
The normal eye pH measured with pH paper is about 7.0.

Due to the different pH values ​​of the eyes and the soap nut, the powder can sting a little in the eyes. So please do not put the foam or powder in your eyes . If so, just rinse your eyes out with water!

How to use dry shampoo:
Use our spreader to sprinkle the powder directly onto the roots of your dry hair. The powder is a bit whitish at the beginning, rub it in a little and then the color becomes neutral. The powder stays on your dry hair and is not rinsed out. Your hair immediately creates volume and strength.

Fat is absorbed and neutralized at the same time. Fresh head without washing your hair!

Using the powder as a no-poo shampoo:
It's best to mix warm water with the powder in a shaker and shake it; visible foam will immediately form. Then apply the mixture to your damp hair and massage the foam onto your scalp, like normal shampoo. You can also let the foam work for a while, the more grease and dirt the soap nut can absorb. Then simply rinse with warm water as usual.
You can also mix a paste in a bowl, similar to our herbal hair dye. Simply spread the yoghurt-like warm porridge onto your damp scalp with your fingers and massage it in. Rinse off later with warm water after lathering.
Conclusion :
✔️The ideal noo-poo solution and volume increase for your hair!
✔️Pleasant smell!
✔️Ideal if you don't like rye flour or apple cider vinegar.
✔️Perfect consistency
✔️Easy to use
✔️ Pleasant smell

✔️Pure nature

Ideal for:
✔️Seborrheic eczema on the scalp
✔️Dry & itchy scalp
✔️Oily scalp
✔️Oily hair
✔️Dry hair
✔️Split ends
✔️Scalp problems
✔️Allergies & Sensitivities
✔️For on the go when washing your hair is not possible
✔️When traveling
✔️For fine hair
✔️For stand & volume

✔️For care & hair shine

Then have fun using it!!!
Your Diana 💋

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