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Do something good for yourself and your hair

100% Natural Fabrics

Advantages of our herbal hair color

The contraction of the cuticle layer of your hair creates a beautiful shine.

Each of your hair is coated, giving it protection, fullness and strength.

Your scalp is cared for.

And there are no disadvantages for your body or the environment.

Advantages of our sets

The hair color is:


A 100% pure natural material

Developed cruelty-free by the natural hairdresser

The hood & gloves consist of:

Plant starch

The cotton wadding

Free of:

Chemical additives

Paraffins, PEGs, parabens & perfumes


Color enhancers & peroxides



Our herbal hair colors are the best healthy alternative to chemical hair colors, free from paraffins, PEGs, parabens, perfumes and microplastics . Based on plant extracts such as henna, our plant hair color cares for your hair, helps reduce skin irritation and is also environmentally friendly. An ideal choice for you if you want to gently change your hair color.