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Are you a natural hairdresser or hairdresser and would you like to use and sell our products in your salon? Or are you interested in training from a professional on the subject of plant hair colors?

“Hair Love” training

A haircut that promotes energy flow is based on sacred geometry and natural laws. Precise hair cutting in harmony with the individual energy flow brings head, body and spirit into harmony. Hair Love combines professional expertise with wellness, promotes lightness and creates space for a new beginning.

Our optimization recommendation

Are you still working with chemical products and would you like to offer herbal hair colors in your salon or even switch completely to natural?

Then you are right with me. I would be happy to advise you. We also have our herbal hair colors in salon sizes of 600g at a purchase price (only for traders). Of course I offer training on our herbal hair colors.

My video for you

Wie läuft eine HAIR-LOVE Ausbildung ab?

Beispiele der Hair Love Schulung


In this video you can see our natural hairdresser Rima Benzler completing her Hair Love training


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