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Article: Can I use herbal hair color if I have allergies?

Kann ich Pflanzenhaarfarbe benutzen, wenn ich Allergien habe?

Can I use herbal hair color if I have allergies?

Here is the success story with dear Kathrin!

Kathrin has very severe allergies to chemical hair dyes. She contacted me directly via my live consultation. I worked with her to choose the right color for her and sent a sample of the color powder in advance. She mixed the powder and did a patch test on the inside of your upper arm. She had no reaction to our color "warm chocolate brown". Kathrin applied the color exactly according to the instructions and lo and behold: it worked and she is very, very happy with her results and can finally dye her hair again after years!

Thank you dear Kathrin for your documentation and your trust:

If you also have allergies, please feel free to contact us via the live consultation.

I look forward to seeing you and we will find a solution for you together.

Kind regards, Diana

Further thoughts on the subject of allergies:

I'm often asked whether it's possible to have an allergic reaction to herbal hair dye. In principle, a person can have an allergic reaction to all natural substances. Think about the hay fever season, when harmless pollen becomes an allergy problem. Or the numerous food allergies when an apple or hazelnut triggers an asthma attack.

My mother, for example, is allergic to chamomile. She once had chamomile bags put on her eyes by her can imagine what she looked like afterwards....

Therefore, it is of course also possible that a person can react to henna or indigo. Since we only use organic raw materials for our Thatsmeorganic hair colors, this happens very, very, very rarely.

It's really best if you have allergies to write to me beforehand so we can see together which color would still work. We also have shades without henna or without indigo. And it is also possible to create a special color for you with ingredients that you tolerate well!

I notice how troubled some customers have been with conventional hair colors in recent years: itchy skin and pustules, bad headaches and skin rashes, even allergic shock, even requiring hospitalization. Plant hair color is a healthy and low-irritation alternative to conventional hair color. With good raw materials and good workmanship, very good coverage can be achieved if you follow the instructions carefully.

In any case, I look forward to working with you and finding a solution!

With my heart, Diana


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