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Article: Hair loss - a big topic in my live consultation

Haarausfall - ein grosses Thema in meiner Liveberatung

Hair loss - a big topic in my live consultation

The topic of hair loss is the topic that concerns my customers the most

I have been providing advice on hair loss for several years and have specialized in this. I can tell you, the people it affects are suffering a lot and I could really sympathize with how much people endured their suffering. There is little help and these people are often not taken seriously anywhere - the misery and the vicious circle of this disease then takes its course. I really understand you deeply!!!!

What can you do if you have hair loss?

Get out of the vicious circle

Please stop counting your hair every day, it becomes an addiction and never ends, because it is completely normal that we all lose 80 to 100 hairs a day. And please remember: Where you direct your attention, that's where the energy will follow!

Instead of focusing on the hair that goes, focus on the hair that stays! Practice gratitude. Have you ever told your hair how beautiful it is? Have you touched it? Petted? Combed?

No....I know what was going around in my customers' heads: "Why am I losing my hair?", "Why is this happening to me?", "Hope it doesn't continue like this!", "What if I... Go bald?"...and so on and so forth.

That won't get you anywhere! Start with the change within yourself before you look outside! Be kind to yourself and your hair. Listen to positive meditations and affirmations, comb your hair and touch it lovingly.

Just be good to yourself!

And then go and investigate the causes!

What could be causing my hair loss?

1 mineral deficiency

You can have it clarified!

Add minerals directly to your scalp with our aloe vera splash and our aloe vera gel

2 heavy metal pollution

You can also have it clarified!

3 Existing conflict, separation, trauma, shock

With all of my hair loss clients, there was a deeper cause, a conflict behind the story! It can be long ago or current, visible on the surface or buried deep within. Find help and resolve it.

For example, I had a customer whose great-grandmother always stroked her hair and when she died, many of my customer's hair fell out. She missed her grandma so much, this was a separation conflict. We came up with it in conversation and she was very, very touched by it because she felt that this was the reason.

4 strengthen your root chakra

Losing hair means losing your roots, where do you lose your roots? Connect with the earth, meditate and seek connection to nature!

Connect with yourself and hear what your body has to tell you!

5 Activate your hair roots

Brush your hair with a natural brush, this activates your lymphatic and blood flow. In any case, only as much hair comes out as would come out anyway and no more. Don't be afraid that this will cause more hair to fall out. If you are afraid to touch your head, then the vicious cycle continues!

6 Concern with what your body wants to tell you .

Hair loss alerts you to an imbalance in your body. He's trying to tell you something, listen to him.

I was able to enjoy the training in hair reading and it's crazy what you can see in the hair.

7 Get out of your head and into the feeling

In all of my hair loss consultations, I noticed one thing in common: they were all in my head and none were in my feelings. Just brooding and thinking and planning and no longer feeling. No more feeling for your own body, just thinking, thinking, thinking. The body can't take it! I always asked. "Would you like to have a hair on your head?" and the answer was always: " head is so full of thoughts and negative attitudes that I wouldn't want to be a hair on my own head!" Only you can investigate and change that!

8 Stay away from chemicals

Leave out all chemical products on your head! This is the most important way first of all! Switch to nature. Everything you put on your hair also ends up in your body. I have a motto: I only let things on my body and hair that I could eat!

Feel free to contact me for live advice and I’ll help you!

From the bottom of my heart...Your Diana from Thatsmeorganic


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