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Article: How do I ideally use my Thats-me-organic plant hair color?

Wie wende ich meine Thats-me-organic Pflanzenhaarfarbe ideal an?

How do I ideally use my Thats-me-organic plant hair color?

Many customers ask me what the ideal approach is for their herbal hair color at home!

There are step-by-step instructions included in every pack, but I'll still write a few tips and tricks here to ensure that your herbal hair color is perfect at home. During my live consultation, I noticed that there are still many questions and that the devil of errors can easily creep in unconsciously at home.

Questions like "Can I keep the rest of the paint in the fridge" or "Can I freeze the paint for later?", "How much water do I need?" and “How much powder do I use?” show me that there is still a lot of clarification needed regarding herbal hair color. I have been doing herbal hair color every day for almost over 11 years and for me the process is completely normal and natural. Thanks for all your questions, I'm learning with everyone!!!! And I enjoy answering everything!

....and no: you can neither store the mixed paint in the refrigerator nor freeze it. It then loses its coloring power.

Please make it fresh!

Here are my tips for the process and for a great result from your herbal hair color!

Tip 1:

Wash your hair beforehand. Best with our Everyday care shampoo.

The hair needs water to swell. This allows the color to adhere better to the cuticle layer. Our paint contains no chemicals and leaves your cuticle completely intact. So please do not apply the color to dry hair, otherwise the coloring power will be weaker!

Tip 2:

On the subject of warm water: the tea water that is added to the powder must be exactly 50 degrees warm. At 50 degrees, all plant substances can develop ideally together. Feel free to order the thermometer and our brush. Customers have often told me that they didn't have a thermometer at home and the normal clinical thermometer doesn't go up to 50 degrees. Be careful so that you don't end up without a thermometer!

Personally, I work with a kettle where you can set the temperature to 50 degrees. I prepare my water with tea bags in the morning, then I have tea water at 50 degrees all day long.

Then slowly add the water to the powder and stir until the consistency is similar to yogurt!

Tip 3:

Apply the paste thickly and don't skimp on the mixture. I'm always asked how much powder you need. So I would say 60 grams for root dyeing, around 80 grams for medium-length hair and 90 to 120 grams for long hair. That varies depending on the thickness of the hair! Please don't make the porridge too thick. It should not crumble or appear dry. Our colors are very creamy and super spreadable if you mix them like yogurt! But don't mix it too thinly, if the color runs off your head, then the consistency was clearly too thin. The right mixture makes the result!

I also can't determine the exact amount of water; everyone needs a different amount of powder and stirs differently. Simply slowly mix the water into the powder with great sensitivity...until the consistency is right.

Tip 4:

Keep your color warm very well. I always use a thick shower cap in my natural hair salon. This works great and you can always wash it out and use it again. This means we don't pollute the environment.

My hoods always have funny patterns, as you can see in my videos. You can also have fun at work!!!

Tip 5:

Let your color take effect for a long time. The longer it is, the richer and more intense it will be, providing better coverage and lasting longer. An exposure time that is too short is really criminal. At home, 3 hours is optimal!!! But this can vary from shade to shade. Please clarify this with us beforehand during the consultation. Dark colors can last longer than light ones, for example, and it depends on the hair structure!

Tip 6:

It is important to wash out your color WITHOUT shampoo, just with water. The color pigments must remain on the hair so that they can develop well over the next few days! If you have chemical residue in your hair, you can use our hair mask. But please no conventional hair setting products or hair sprays. As an alternative, our aloe vera splash or the hair tip cream would work!

Tip 7:

Now comes the most important thing: the POST TIME !!!

Please be patient and let your color redo. People write to me all the time when they have freshly washed up. The color needs 3 days until it is firmly anchored in the cuticle of your hair. Do not wash your hair during this time!!!!. The plant pigments absorb oxygen from the air and thus develop their dark color. BE PATIENT. Now it's up to you to just wait and let nature take its course. If you wash your hair too early, this process will be interrupted and the color will not develop its full coloring power!

It's really incredible how the color lingers. Just watching it in my salon is amazing. A lot happens between the time from rinsing to blow-drying and then until the customer leaves. Really fascinating!!!!

Tip 8:

Please also switch your care products to natural, otherwise it won't fit together.

Your color will last longer and you will enjoy it more. You will find enough selection in my shop!

Tip 9:

Please do not use any other additives in our colors! No salt, no oil, no vinegar, no red wine...etc. Follow my coloring instructions carefully. I have been testing them for almost 12 years. With it you get the best results!

Tip 10:

Also pay attention to your inner attitude when coloring. Everything is energy and everything is vibration. The more positive and relaxed you are while coloring, the better the end result will be. That's really no nonsense! I have already experienced that results with plant powder from the same bag were completely different. Once when dyeing with a good attitude and once with a bad attitude. It has been proven that plants grow and thrive better in good environments than in bad ones.

So you yourself are decisive for your color result!

And never forget to be grateful for the plant raw materials. For me, being able to dye hair using only plants is a gift every day. A healthy alternative for your hair, but also for you as a person. Gratitude is very, very important here!

Tip 11:

Be flexible with your wishes and ideas. The herbal hair color works individually on each hair. Every person has individual hair. Different structure, thickness and pigments in the hair. It is not possible for the color to be exactly the same as a picture that you choose. This might be possible with a conventional hairdresser who has a color chart with colors that look the same on every head. But with herbal hair color you have to be flexible and not restrict the result so much. And once again we need to be grateful that it is even possible to use plants to permanently dye your hair healthy and shiny without attacking your cuticle!

Want color? Then please contact my LIVE ADVICE in the shop.
From the heart
Diana from Thats-me-organic


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