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Article: Organic natural cosmetics versus conventional cosmetic health for your skin & hair

Bio-Naturkosmetik versus herkömmliche Kosmetik-Gesundheit für Deine Haut & Deine Haare

Organic natural cosmetics versus conventional cosmetic health for your skin & hair

What actually speaks for buying organic natural cosmetics?
If you think carefully about the substances that you put on your body and hair every day, then you will probably come to the conclusion that it makes sense to choose healthy foods! My motto is: " I only put substances on my skin and hair that I could eat! " And that works great!

Our natural cosmetics are free of microplastics, silicones, PEG'S, petroleum, paraffins etc.
It does not clog the pores, does not form a harmful layer on the skin and hair and does not burden the body with toxins.

Organic certification is important. Our organic cosmetics are Natrue certified, nocruelty, so no animal testing. That would never be an option for us.


Thank you to my customers, friends and family for always agreeing to test everything...thank you for your satisfaction 🙏
Organic cosmetics are usually hand-produced in small quantities and are not mass-produced goods. Thanks to my husband Jan for spending the weekends with me in production😙.
The organic raw materials are of very high quality and also have a very high energetic vibration. We pay attention to the attitude when producing, with good thoughts and appreciation for the corresponding plants. This is absolutely noticeable.

Hence our slogan:

The raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation, with love and care for the plant!

We do not use synthetic fragrances, but pure essential oils obtained in cold extract.

Good organic natural cosmetics can be better absorbed by the skin and hair and better utilized by the cells.

Environmental awareness also plays a major role for us. We do not use any chemicals, which means we do not produce any harmful waste. This is particularly noticeable with our herbal hair color. 100% chemical-free hair color: HAIR DYEING WITHOUT A BAD CONSCIOUSNESS!

We process pure natural oils and natural fats into effective recipes for your skin and hair and also package them sustainably.
Feel free to read the blog about our collaboration with OZEANKIND .

Thank you for your interest, your loyalty and your appreciation 🙏

Your Diana & Jan from ❤️


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