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Article: Deep cleansing is the solution to many scalp problems and pre-treatment before your herbal hair color

Tiefenreinigung die Lösung für viele Kopfhautprobleme und Vorbehandlung vor Deiner Pflanzenhaarfarbe

Deep cleansing is the solution to many scalp problems and pre-treatment before your herbal hair color

I would like to present you a new product: our deep cleaning.

👉 Ideal before using herbal hair color to remove unwanted residue and deposits in your hair.

Are you currently switching your chemical hair color to our herbal hair color? Would you like to free your hair from annoying residues, deposits and dirt? Then our deep cleaning will quickly offer you the perfect solution!
Do you want a richer, more intense result from your herbal hair coloring? Do you have scalp problems or dandruff? Are you suffering from hair loss?
Even then, our deep cleaning is the ideal solution for you!

One ingredient is soapnut . The soap nut foams slightly, is very pleasant on the hair and contains 10 to 15% saponins. Saponins form a light foam with water and can remove dirt wonderfully.


The soapnut is the fruit of the Rheeta tree. The fruits are dried and processed into powder.

The deep cleansing also contains neem powder , which is rich in fatty acids and nutrients. It can reduce hair loss, promote hair growth and bring shine and volume to your hair. Curly hair can particularly benefit from this application.


Our deep cleansing gently removes dandruff and dirt from the hair without heavily degreasing the hair or scalp. It is ideal before using herbal hair color to remove heavy dirt, adhesions, silicone residue or even harmful environmental pollution, so all in all the ideal pre-treatment without drying out the hair!

Another ingredient is amla . Amla is the remedy for beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. It is also called the “fruit of youth and beauty”. Amla is the powder obtained from the amla berry, also very effective for hair loss, very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals and fatty acids. Particularly helpful for very brittle, dry, split-end hair.
Another important ingredient that should be mentioned is Shikakai , which is made from the fruit pod of the Shikakai plant. Thanks to its ideal pH value, it can help against dandruff and all kinds of scalp problems, especially fungal infections. It can have a detoxifying effect on the hair and scalp and closes the cuticle. Particularly suitable for itchy and dry scalps.
Our deep cleansing also contains aloe vera, the miracle plant par excellence. It is moisturizing, antioxidant, antimicrobial, decongestant and can have a very, very good healing effect.
We have added Brahmi powder to our deep cleansing, which has a strong oxidative and moisturizing effect. The proven Indian medicinal plant has a calming, cooling and anti-itching effect, and can also have a positive effect on hair growth.
We continue with the valuable ingredient Bhringrai , the “king of hair” according to Ayurveda. The powder strengthens the hair roots and supplies your scalp with nutrients. Ideal for hair loss problems.
Now comes the miracle powder Methi , fenugreek, for hair thickness, hair strength and suppleness. Ideal for dandruff as well as for fine hair and very rich in minerals. Methi has a high content of phytoestrogens, which can positively counteract hair loss.
The finale is the Sidr plant, which comes from the Sidar tree. Helpful for neurodermatitis, eczema, dandruff and inflammatory processes. It is said that the powder can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

So you can see our deep cleaning is a real “cleaning bomb”!😃

There are two ways to use our deep cleansing:
First option:

You take a shaker and mix it 1:6 with warm water. The ideal amount for this is 30 g of powder for one application. You can apply the contents of the shaker to your damp hair directly in the shower, shake vigorously beforehand, massage in and leave to take effect briefly. Then rinse again with warm water, that would be the short version. Please be careful not to get the deep cleanser into your eyes as it has a different pH value than your eyes and it could cause irritation or stinging.

The second option:
The more intensive application or more profound application would be as follows:

You take 45 g of the deep cleanser and mix it 1:3 with warm water to form a yogurt-like paste and apply it to wet hair. Similar to herbal hair color, part by part and leave the deep cleansing to take effect for between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your cleaning requirements. This application would be ideal before the herbal hair color, then rinse with warm water and apply the herbal hair color.

Well then a good deep clean!!!
Kind regards, Your Diana from❤️


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