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Article: Our new healthy organic sunscreen is ready - protection & care

Unsere neue gesunde Bio-Sonnencreme ist fertig - Schutz  & Pflege ohne Giftstoffe

Our new healthy organic sunscreen is ready - protection & care

Yay!!! We did it: we created an organic sunscreen with SPF 30 and all WITHOUT titanium dioxide!
Certified organic , vegan, waterproof, highly effective, no white effect and of course no cruelty (no animal testing).

The topic of sunscreen has been on my mind a lot over the last few months. Your expressed wishes regarding sun protection for skin and hair were very great. You wrote to me, you told me your wishes and I followed up on them. I have worked intensively with ingredients, especially with which you can protect the skin from UVB and UVB radiation, but also care for and nourish the skin at the same time. A very important remedy is of course our organic aloe in our Aloe Vera Splash, which is definitely still the remedy for heat protection for the hair. Our new aloe gel for skin and hair also has an antioxidant, cooling and moisturizing effect as a care after sunband.

You've written to me again and again that you finally want a sunscreen without titanium oxide. I was finally able to realize this wish after months of research. We have developed a sun cream completely without titanium dioxide, which has a sun protection factor of 30, is waterproof, at the same time cares for the skin and does not turn it white . Crazy right?
We use zinc oxide, a natural product, as the active ingredient in our sunscreen. Of course, we have this in pure pharmaceutical quality, not as a nano article. Through long research, I discovered that people often write badly about zinc oxide, but here too there are false prejudices and I would like to make a statement about this today. The zinc oxide is a real helper for the skin, a real blessing!!!! But there are of course qualitative differences here too.

The ingredients used in conventional nano-sized sunscreens penetrate deep into the skin layers and can cause real damage to health. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the ingredients and their quality.
Personally, I use sunscreen very discreetly. It was always difficult for me to find something suitable for my neurodermatitis skin that I wasn't allergic to and that also cared for my skin at the same time. But now I have created the absolutely perfect solution for myself!!!
Healthy sunbathing is very beneficial for the skin. We produce vitamin D3 in our body by absorbing the sun's rays. Therefore, it is not advisable to block the sun, because we benefit from the vitamin D3 buildup in our body for our health. But not everyone can accurately estimate the size of the sun. When children play, they don't think about sunburn when they build sand castles by the sea and forget about time.

It is important to protect the skin for a certain amount of time, even when exposed to more intensive sunbathing, so that no skin burns occur. Skin burns can cause really deep damage. Think of the well-known sunstroke, that's really not funny. I also had severe skin burns, which was really borderline. Now I also use our own sunscreen with SPF 30 for more intensive sun activities! With our sunscreen you have protection and you can still produce vitamin D3 at the same time!!! And in general we always absorb sunlight, including through our hair. Only a small proportion of the body parts are creamed. Light is everywhere around us!
We used natural oils and zinc oxide in our sunscreen (as already mentioned, not in nanoparticle size). The zinc oxide is a UV filter that absorbs UVA and UVB radiation and keeps it away from the skin. The zinc oxide particles are so large that they cannot enter the body through the skin pores, but remain on the surface of the skin. The protective function of the cream is that it can protect your skin, not only from the UVB rays, which are mainly responsible for sunburning your skin, but also from UVA radiation, which damages collagen.

Collagen damage can cause premature aging of the skin. This technical term is also called antipollution , which means that the ingredients in our sunscreen act like strong radical scavengers to protect your skin from environmentally harmful influences. This prevents premature skin aging!
I finally came across it through our anti-pimple cream and it ultimately gave me the final idea!
We sell our great anti-pimple cream very successfully and we have great feedback, especially with regard to skin problems, acne, pimples, neurodermatitis and eczema. I used this recipe as a basis and then developed the sunscreen from it. Our sunscreen is waterproof, has sun protection factor 30 and at the same time nourishes the skin with organic aloe vera.

We have created a combination of jojoba oil, silica, aloe vera, olive oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil and zinc oxide , which means the skin is protected and cared for at the same time!
The combination of active ingredients not only has a nourishing effect, but also has an anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic effect. It helps the skin to renew the fat layer, promotes skin regeneration, has a soothing and antimicrobial effect.

So now you are safe for sunbathing. I hope you enjoy trying it out and have a nice rest of your summer.

Your Diana from ❤


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