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Article: The thing about deodorant - healthy and effective?

Die Sache mit dem Deo - gesund und wirksam?

The thing about deodorant - healthy and effective?

Today I would like to write about my search for the perfect, effective natural deodorant, because everyone needs deodorant and everyone is looking for their perfect deodorant, right?

Deo Deo Deo.....everyone needs it, everyone uses it, everyone tests it and looks for their ideal favorite product!

Here is my search :

I have very sensitive skin and no matter what deodorant I used, I always got a severe, red, itchy rash on my armpits. It was really, really uncomfortable, especially in those areas where you sweat. Our sweat is salty and that irritated my skin even more, it just kept getting worse and worse!

I started to find out about all the ingredients contained in a deodorant that might appeal to me. How does the deodorant actually manage to stop you smelling?

A book gave me good information about this:

Aluminum salts prevent the smell of sweat, but at the same time they are harmful to our health.

Since I also have training as an acid-base consultant, I was already familiar with baking soda. Baking soda is a natural alkaline salt and is also very good for preventing the smell of sweat.

So I started testing baking soda.
I had already done alkaline baths many times because they had always helped me tremendously with my neurodermatitis.
First I applied baking soda straight to my wet armpits. It really burned my inflamed skin, but I didn't want to work without deodorant. As a hairdresser you have close physical contact...and I wouldn't have felt comfortable without it.

The baking soda really did its job. So I had already found the natural substance to combat the smell of sweat. But the downside was that over time the pure baking soda crumbled off my skin and fell into my bra. It then itched and was very uncomfortable on my chest.

My next idea was to mix the baking soda with something that was cream-like and healthy. Ok, coconut oil was my first thought. So I mixed baking soda and coconut oil. An oily and greasy thing. My skin became increasingly dry and all my clothes became stained. So that wasn't the perfect solution either!
But a creamy consistency was the way to go!
I wanted to find a deodorant made from natural materials ( because my motto is that I only use materials that I could eat ) and that has caring properties for my sensitive skin.
In the end, our lemongrass deodorant mousse came out:


It lasts the whole day, smells super pleasant of lemongrass & orange and at the same time cares for the skin thanks to the shea butter.....purely natural and free of unhealthy additives!!!!

I really love our deodorant and we have great feedback from you customers. So the work was worth it!

Now we have created 2 more deodorants with other beautiful scents:

Ylang Ylang - exotic sweet scent

Sage pine - fresh, bitter scent ❤

There is something for every taste!!!

I hope you enjoy trying them out and you will be really impressed with the long-lasting effectiveness and effectiveness of our 4 deodorants.

Maybe with this blog I can help those who are also looking for their perfect deodorant!

I would be very happy to receive feedback.

From the ❤ heart, your Diana 💋


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