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Article: Beautiful curls with our “curly girly” curl care set

Schöne Lockenpracht mit unserem "curly girly" Lockenpflege-Set

Beautiful curls with our “curly girly” curl care set

I am often asked about the perfect curl care product during my live consultation . A head of curls requires more special care than normal or fine hair.

What can you do to show off your curls to their best advantage and to provide them with ideal moisture so that they curl in the most beautiful way?

In this blog I will make caring for your curls appealing and introduce you to the "curly girly" method according to the ❤Thats-me-organic way❤.

After that, your curls will become true splendor❣

In general, curls are drier than “normal” hair and require more moisture and care. I have to say I love curls and I love cutting, coloring and styling curls. This is probably because my first female hair cutting model in my hairdressing training was my frizzy-haired aunt. Learning to cut hair isn't easy at the beginning and I practiced the hardest. But I can emphasize that it didn't do me any harm, on the contrary: I've loved my curly customers ever since and apparently the word has gotten around that I'm pretty good with curls!

But back to ideal curl care:

I know from my customers that everyone has their own special ritual for how their curls lie best. One wants air-dried curls, another wants a diffuser hairdryer, another doesn't want conditioner, another doesn't want a brush...etc.

But one thing is certain with all curls: they need more care, care and moisture than other hair and once you get the hang of it, you'll have a real splendor of curls on your head!!!! A curling routine is very helpful!

Through my work in my natural hair salon and through studying the habits of my curly customers, as well as through discovering the so-called "curly girl" method, I recommend you a special approach (curl routine) to care for and define your curls.

No more "buzzing up", just defined, shiny and well-groomed curls... a real eye-catcher!!!!

I put together our “curly girly” care set in the Thats-me-organic style and here are the instructions:

Step 1 to your dream curls❤

Wash your hair with our repair solid shampoo. It is very, very mild and has a large care component ("low poo"). When washing, be careful not to mess up your hair too much. Clean your curls carefully!

Then rinse with cold water!!!!

That's right, with cold water. This closes the cuticle and gets your blood and lymph flow going! When rinsing, you can hold the ends of your hair and move them towards the hairline so that the curls don't get tangled so much ("scrunshing" - pulsating)

Step 2 to your dream curls❤

After rinsing out the shampoo, use our hair mask/conditioner.

Work it gently into your hair, starting from the ends and working up towards your roots ("squise to condish"). You can use your fingers as a comb and easily detangle your hair.

Step 3 to your dream curls❤

While the hair mask is still in your hair, you can now gently comb your hair with our curling comb.

This is the last time your curls will be combed, then again the next time you wash your hair. This way your curls will stay beautifully bundled and defined later!

After combing, you can gently rinse your hair, again with cold water!!! (See rinsing in step 1)

Step 4 to your dream curls❤

Dab your hair with a microfiber towel, do not rub!

When your hair is towel dry, spray our Aloe Vera Splash into your curls and twist them with your fingers ("finger coiling"). A kind of iridescent curls form, which should then remain intact when dried gently!

Step 5 to your dream curls❤

Now knead our hair tip cream very gently into the finger-shaped curls, with your hands open ("praying hands").

From the tips towards the hairline (“squise to condish”). If your hair is still too wet, dab it a little with the microfiber towel. You can also pin the curls to your head with a few clips so they stay together even more defined when drying!

Step 5 to your dream curls

Finally, let your hair air dry as follows: You simply put a shower cap over your finger-shaped curls, the same one as in my coloring videos. This means your curls can dry on their own in a protected manner without popping.

The alternative would be to use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment and set it to the lowest setting. I like to recommend the Dyson, which I use in my natural hair salon!

Step 6 to your dream curls

Once your curls have dried nicely, you can use some hair tip cream to touch it up, including Aloe Vera Splash. To get a little more fullness at your roots, you can use our curling comb to loosen up the hair at the roots ("picking"). But be careful not to damage your curls!

With our curl care method, your curls are strengthened and cared for, they have shine again and fall into their natural swing almost by themselves!!!

Have fun trying it out and using it!

Diana from Thats-me-organic


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