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Article: The effectiveness of orange oil

Die Wirkkraft des Orangenöls

The effectiveness of orange oil

The effectiveness of orange oil

The orange oil can have an invigorating effect on tired skin, tightens the pores and promotes blood circulation. Oily skin is visually matted and wrinkles can appear smoother.

Orange oil can have a positive effect on sebum production.
It gives the skin energy, binds free radicals and stimulates cell renewal. This oil can be beneficial for cellulite.

It can also be used successfully for hair care: it gently degreases the scalp, can reduce dandruff and stimulates the scalp for better blood circulation.

You can find orange oil in the following Thatsme organic products:

🍊 Hair mask/conditioner

Balance cream

Chakra spray hair monie

Detox peeling

Deodorant roll-on

Chakra spray joy of life

🍊 Deodorant Mousse Lemongrass Orange

🍊 Everyday care shampoo

🍊 solid shampoo repair

🍊 mild solid shampoo

💋 Diana

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