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Article: Amla - the booster for skin and hair

Amla - der Booster für Haut und Haare

Amla - the booster for skin and hair

Amla - the booster for skin and hair


The amla berry has a very high content of vitamin C.
For comparison:
100 grams of lemon 🍋 50 milligrams
100 grams of amla berry🍈 600-921 milligrams

Amla berry powder has a positive effect on skin and hair: a real booster! Vitamin C stimulates hair growth and is said to be able to prevent hair loss!

Since our hair is connected to the bloodstream via the hair root, the powder, applied directly to the hair, is very nourishing.
That's why our ❤️ Thats-me-organic❤️ contain plant hair colors this wonderful plant powder.

Amla also brings shine and smoothness to your hair❣
Especially in the 🌞summer months☀️, plant hair color protects your hair from sun, chlorine water and sea water.

Please contact my live consultation if you would like to find out more.

💋 Diana by

❤️ Thatsme.Organic ❤️


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