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Article: How do I protect my skin and hair from the sun? Aloe vera

Wie schütze ich meine Haut und mein Haar vor der Sonne? Aloe Vera

How do I protect my skin and hair from the sun? Aloe vera

Aloe Vera: protective and medicinal plant

At the moment I am often asked what you can do if you get sunburned or how you can protect your skin and hair from the sun. I recommend our Aloe Vera Splash 💦, the pure aloe spray.

Spray onto your skin after sunbathing or especially if you get sunburned. The aloe vera plant has a healing and cooling effect on your skin. Our spray is pure moisture, without any additives, fragrances or fat. It absorbs very quickly, doesn't stand on the skin and helps immediately🌞
Aloe also helps with itching and burns and can accelerate wound healing.

How can you protect your hair from the sun? Also with our aloe vera splash 💦.
Simply spray on your hair before a day at the beach or sunbathing. Since it contains no fat, your hair won't get stringy❣
The aloe forms a protective film around your hair and is ideal for caring for it after you swim in sea water. Afterwards, the hair needs special care.

The Aloe Vera Splash is the all-round remedy for on the go and at home. I use it as a body spray, facial tonic, also to remove make-up, as a combing spray for my hair and for all kinds of skin problems. If you have burned yourself or are allergic to something while gardening. It can even be used to remove eye make-up. I can only recommend it to you. You can see how excited I am about it❣❣❣❣❣

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PS: I use it as a foot spray on hot days right before going to cools and cares for my feet and I can sleep wonderfully 😴!!!! As a little tip from me❣


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