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Article: The nourishing wild rose oil & the hyaluronic facial serum - my favorite care combination

Das neue Wunderserum - Skin Love Kombination aus Wildrosenöl - Aloe Vera - Hyaluron

The nourishing wild rose oil & the hyaluronic facial serum - my favorite care combination

My wild rose dream
Finest organic wild rose oil
My personal favorite care oil
I love the scent and the delicate care film it leaves on my skin.

Wild rose oil nourishes your skin for pigment spots, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and couperose and it can soothe your dry, irritated and flaky skin.

Our ORGANIC wild rose oil has been combined with rich wheat germ oil to intensively care for your skin. This wonderful natural cosmetic oil can be used for your face as well as your body. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect.

Ideal for mixing with our hyaluronic acid. anti-aging care.

🌸Wrinkles ✔

🌸dry skin ✔
🌸Scars ✔
🌸Couperose ✔
🌸Stretch marks ✔
🌸Pigment spots ✔

Do you also wish you could always make your own fresh cream? And does it annoy you to have too many products in your cupboard?

It would be ideal if there was facial care for all needs, right? For day, night, summer and winter... and then also care and anti-aging effects? One for all !!!!

Since oil should always be massaged into damp skin, you can use our hyaluronic facial serum beforehand
Instruct. This combination has an extremely effective anti-aging effect.
In summer you can add more moisture to the mixture, in winter you can add more oil. So you have a lighter cream as well as a richer cream for your face.

You can mix in more hyaluronic acid for your morning facial care and more wild rose oil in the evening. So you also have a day and night care cream.

The hyaluronic facial serum and the wild rose dream are available in a savings set. It is ideal in combination as it replaces day and night care, as well as summer and winter care, as a mixed cream. Freshly mixed without emulsifiers or additives and you can decide for yourself the amount of moisture and fat you use.

I really love this combination and would recommend it to you ❤.

💋 Your Diana from ❤️


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