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Article: Prejudice plant hair color: Henna makes the hair dry - mistake!

Vorurteil Pflanzenhaarfarbe: Henna macht die Haare trocken - Irrtum!

Prejudice plant hair color: Henna makes the hair dry - mistake!

Hello, my dears,

I'm often asked whether henna dries out my hair. Or people are confused by statements from other hairdressers who work with chemicals that herbal hair color would make their hair dry.


Here is my statement after 15 herbal hair colors in my own natural hair salon and thousands of satisfied customers in our online shop:
Our homemade herbal hair colors only contain 6 organic raw materials. All organic certified, heavy metal tested and pesticide tested.
These combinations of natural ingredients do not dry out the hair. On the contrary: they smooth the cuticle layer, give shine, moisture and volume!
Natural hair without chemical residues will always be smooth and healthy with herbal hair color.

A dry structure can only occur if the hair has been chemically treated beforehand .

Chemical treatment breaks down the cuticle layer, puts a lot of stress on the hair and dries out its protective layer.

Conventional paints contain artificial emollients and gap fillers to make the cuticle smooth even though it is broken. This creates the illusion that the hair is smooth and healthy. But this is not the case!

Our herbal hair color is additive-free and contains no artificial straighteners. On the contrary, it frees the hair from old, artificial substances.

If the herbal hair color is applied to the chemical hair, it cleans it additionally and the actual pure structure is revealed.

This means: if hair feels dry after using herbal hair color, then this is only due to the chemical structural damage beforehand and not due to the herbal hair color itself.

Natural hair with herbal hair color is not dry, but healthy.
The herbal hair color is acidic, it pulls the cuticle layer of the hair together and forms a protective film around the hair. This creates the shine and volume.
So if you switch from conventional hair color to herbal hair color, please also switch your care to natural cosmetics. I recommend our solid shampoo repair , the aloe vera splash and our hair mask conditioner .
I also recorded a podcast on this topic:
Episode 6 - Switching from chemical hair color to herbal hair color.
This is well worth listening to and can certainly help you with the change.

Click here for the podcast (Youtube): 👉 Click

Please come to our consultation and we will be happy to support you with the change.

Kind regards, Diana from ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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