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Article: Goodbye skin problems - tips for acne, eczema and impurities

Hautprobleme Adé - Tipps bei Akne, Ekzemen und Unreinheiten

Goodbye skin problems - tips for acne, eczema and impurities

Thats me organic helps with skin problems
Our Detox Face Set , consisting of high-quality organic products, is your solution for effective facial care and the treatment of skin impurities. With a harmonious combination of natural ingredients, this set helps your skin regain balance and look radiantly beautiful.
BIO-Cleansing Gel Aloe - Gentle cleansing gel with anti-aging effect 100ml: Our BIO-Cleansing Gel Aloe is the ideal starting point for your facial care. This gentle cleansing gel thoroughly cleanses your skin, removing dirt and make-up residue and leaving it feeling refreshed, clean. The aloe vera it contains soothes the skin, while the anti-aging ingredients help slow down skin aging.
BIO-DETOX PEELING BUTTER Aloe 5 in 1 200ml natural cosmetics: Our BIO-DETOX PEELING BUTTER Aloe is a true all-rounder for your skin. The 5-in-1 peeling cleans, exfoliates, nourishes, moisturizes and protects your skin. Thanks to its rich texture and natural ingredients such as aloe vera, it gently removes dead skin cells and impurities. Your skin will be noticeably smoother and more radiant. Hyaluronic enhances the anti-aging effect!
ORGANIC SKIN IMPURITIES ADÉ - Clarifying skin serum with hyaluronic acid 15ml Natural cosmetics: Our ORGANIC SKIN IMPURITIES ADÉ serum is a powerful serum, developed to clarify and soothe impure skin. The combination of hyaluronic acid and natural active ingredients supports the regeneration of the skin, reduces impurities and provides moisture with a mattifying effect. For clear and radiant skin.
BIO-BALANCE-CREME Aloe for oily and impure skin 50ml natural cosmetics: The BIO-BALANCE-CREME Aloe was specially developed for oily and impure skin. This lightweight cream helps balance skin's oil levels and reduce blemishes. The aloe vera soothes the skin, while natural active ingredients ensure a long-lasting matte finish. Your skin is optimally cared for and feels balanced. Hyaluronic enhances the anti-aging effect!
Recommended use :
First, use our Aloe Cleansing Gel from the set. You use the cleansing gel as a facial cleanser as described.
We then recommend that you apply the BIO-DETOX PEELING to your face and massage it in to remove old skin cells and additionally smooth your skin.
Afterwards, the ORGANIC SKIN IMPURITIES ADÉ is recommended. It cleanses, nourishes and helps against unwanted impurities in the skin. Even with rosacea!
Last but not least the BALANCE CREAM Aloe. It is the insider tip for oily and impure skin. The balance cream is specially designed to clarify and mattify. It is the nourishing end product of this set and is absolutely recommended.
With our Detox Face Set you can improve your facial care routine and effectively treat impure skin problems. Discover the power of natural cosmetics and give your skin the care it deserves. Let your skin shine and feel fresh and confident.
Experience the beauty of natural cosmetics that care for your skin!
Your Diana 💋
Another tip from me:
I use a magnifying mirror with a light so I can see exactly the impurities when magnified!
It is important not to touch the acne directly with your fingers so that bacteria do not get to it and the areas become inflamed!
I really recommend a comedone lifter for this. It has a lancet for piercing on one side and a lifter on the other side. This means the area remains germ-free and the tissue around the acne is not bruised or injured!


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