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Notes & application plant hair color

Our Thats me Organic® plant hair colors generally require 48 hours of exposure time until they have fully developed. For a perfect result, please follow the instructions included in the Complete package and read my blog post about it → here .

In order to avoid an allergic reaction or an undesirable color result, we advise you to carry out a test coloring on a strand of hair in advance. Since Thats me Organic® herbal hair colors are natural substances, the human organism may react allergically to one of the plant substances. If you have allergies, do a patch test in advance to be on the safe side or check with your trusted doctor.

If you have chemically treated hair, the result may be different than with natural hair, so we recommend that you test dye a strand of hair beforehand.

What is not possible with herbal hair color is lightening your hair.

Thats me Organic® plant hair color contains 90g of pure plant powder.
For a root dye you need around 60 grams, for a complete coloring of shoulder-length hair you need around 70-90 grams.
And please remember to protect your clothing before you start dyeing.

Our color works differently on every hair because every person has an individual hair structure, hair thickness, pigmentation and hair mottled. This is what makes® herbal hair color so fantastically unique because it develops individually on each hair.