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NEW: Fit through the winter set

Zur Unterstützung im Winter
Bei Husten + Schnupfen
Bei Heißerkeit + Halsschmerzen
Bei Herpes + trockenen Lippen
Bei Verspannungen + Gliederschmerzen
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NEW: Fit through the winter set
NEW: Fit through the winter set Sale priceCHF 34.00 Regular priceCHF 39.00

NEW: Fit through the winter set

Save 10% compared to purchasing individually!

Our “Fit through the Winter” set, which has been put together especially for you, includes three of our best products that will help you enjoy the winter to the fullest while taking good care of your health and well-being. Here's what you'll find in this set:

  1. My Throat Chakra Room Fragrance Spray Clarity: This spray is a true energy booster for your throat chakra. It helps you strengthen your communication and clarify your inner voice. Simply apply a few sprays to your neck to balance and harmonize the energy in this area. With the turquoise chakra spray you feel ready to express yourself clearly and communicate your needs and desires. Of course, you can also use the spray as a natural room scent. Supportive for sore throats and hotness.

  2. SOS Roll-On: This roll-on is your salvation in stressful and cold moments. No matter whether you are struggling with everyday stress or a cold in winter, have aching limbs, tension or a strain or simply want to relax, the SOS Roll-On is your companion. Simply apply to your temples, wrists, neck, tension or bronchi and feel the calming effect. You will literally breathe in the relaxation and feel strengthened to enjoy the winter to the fullest. Can have a supportive effect on coughs and the bronchi.

  3. Anti Aging Lip Care: Our lips need a lot of care in winter to be protected from the harshest conditions. Our Anti Aging Lip Care is enriched with high-quality ingredients to moisturize your lips and prevent them from drying out. Apply liberally and enjoy supple, youthful-looking lips, no matter how cold it is outside. Ideal for rough, cold noses and herpes. The propolis it contains can have a very soothing effect.

Recommended use:

The first thing we can only recommend to you is the SOS Roll-On to be applied for colds, coughs and hoarseness. Of course, also on the parts of your body where you have insect bites, pain and redness. The SOS Roll-On can help with pain. Its healing and cooling effects support relief.

We can recommend the Throat Chakra Room Fragrance Spray Clarity if you have a sore throat, hoarseness or if you have a frog in your throat. It has a cooling effect and smells pleasantly fresh and minty.

Our Anti Aging Lip Care is your helper for herpes, cracked and dry lips thanks to the hyaluronic acid as well Propolis . You can also use it to help relieve an irritated runny nose.

    With our “Fit through the Winter” set you are well equipped to enjoy the winter to the fullest and at the same time take good care of yourself. These products will enhance your winter routine and help you get through the cold months relaxed and strengthened. Stay fit!

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    Als erstes können wir Dir nur ans Herz legen, den SOS Roll-On bei Schnupfen, Husten und bei Heiserkeit aufzutragen. Natürlich auch gerne auf die Körperstellen, an denen du Insektenstiche, Schmerzen und Rötungen hast. Der SOS Roll-On kann unterstützend wirken bei Schmerzen. Durch seine Heilende und kühlende Wirkung unterstützt er die Linderung.

    Das Hals-Chakra Raumduftspray Klarheit können wir Dir bei Halsschmerzen, Heiserkeit oder wenn Du einen Frosch m Hals hast, empfehlen. Es wirkt kühlend und riecht angenehm frisch Minzig.

    Unser Anti Aging Lip Care ist Dein Helfer bei Herpes, eingerissenen und trockenen Lippen durch das Hyaluron als auch das Propolis. Zusätzlich kannst du ihn bei einer gereizten Schnupfenase verwenden, um die Linderung zu unterstützen.
    Siehe in den Produktbeschreibungen der einzelnen Produkte oder im Lexikon der Inhaltsstoffe.

    SOS Roller
    Lip Care