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SAVING SET HAND & BODY - ORGANIC hand & body lotion + ORGANIC hand & body wash

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SAVING SET HAND & BODY - ORGANIC hand & body lotion + ORGANIC hand & body wash
SAVING SET HAND & BODY - ORGANIC hand & body lotion + ORGANIC hand & body wash Sale priceCHF 25.00 Regular priceCHF 29.00

SAVING SET HAND & BODY - ORGANIC hand & body lotion + ORGANIC hand & body wash

HAND & BODY SAVING SET consisting of 1x ORGANIC hand & body lotion 200ml + 1x ORGANIC hand & body wash 200ml

Our new organic natural cosmetics are not “just” organic cosmetics, they are an attitude to life 🙏

Our new ORGANIC Hand & Body Wash Natural cosmetics can be used as gentle hand wash, shower gel or mild liquid soap. It contains extremely mild sugar surfactants for gentle skin cleansing for the whole family.

It cleanses and moisturizes in a very gentle way and protects even the most sensitive skin when bathing or showering. Its fascinating scent envelops your body and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being on the skin. Ideal for everyday use. Recommended for all skin types.

It is certified & approved under the strict NATRUE-BIO-KOSMETIK standards,

What are the ingredients?

The aloe comes from the organic aloe plantation, which I visited myself to see for myself the quality on site. Likewise the olives, which are specially cold-pressed for the olive oil, the rosemary and the citrus fruits.

Application: For mild cleansing for the whole family for silky, soft skin. Thanks to the intelligent dosing pump, it can be used economically. Lather a small amount in your hand, distribute and rinse.

Recommended for: normal skin, dry skin, extremely dry skin, mature skin, combination skin.

Weight/Size: 20 0 ml

In a set with the new ORGANIC hand & body lotion:

Our new ORGANIC Hand & Body Lotion Aloe is a delicate and fine organic emulsion, ideal for the whole body. It is rich in natural and organic active ingredients that are designed to help the skin restore the perfect balance.

The ORGANIC Hand & Body Lotion Aloe is able to protect the skin even when it is red and makes it soft and velvety for a long time. It is free from any potentially skin-damaging substances such as parabens, paraffins, SLS and aggressive substances. It also has a triple effect:

     MOISTURIZING EFFECT: When water reserves are not in the ideal state to meet the body's needs due to external influences or neglect of one's own well-being.
    • SOOTHING EFFECT: If the skin becomes dry and cracked due to a lack of moisture, which often leads to unpleasant consequences, our cream can be helpful.
    • PROTECTIVE EFFECT: When natural hydration is attacked by external aggressions, making the skin more sensitive and potentially vulnerable to attack.

      Thanks to the valuable active ingredients in our ORGANIC Hand & Body Lotion Aloe , we have developed a body cream that can help restore the right amount of water in the skin. It supports you in restoring your hydrolipid coat (the barrier against the penetration of bacteria and other environmental influences that repeatedly affect our skin). In addition, it can help prevent skin aging by giving the skin more softness and elasticity and keeping it firm, supple and radiant.

      Application: Apply once daily to the whole body, especially after bathing or showering or after exposure to the sun.

      The product is: Certified NATRUE BIO natural cosmetics, sensitive, vegan, no cruelty

      You can find the INCIs and further information for the respective product.

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      Hand- & Body wash:
      Zur milden Reinigung für die ganze Familie für seidig zarte Haut. Dank der intelligenten Dosierpumpe kann eine sparsame Verwendung erfolgen. Eine kleine Menge in der Hand aufschäumen, verteilen und abspülen.

      Hand- & Body-Lotion:
      Einmal täglich auf den ganzen Körper auftragen, insbesondere nach dem Baden oder Duschen oder nach Sonneneinstrahlung.
      Der Duft der neuen Bio-Naturkosmetik-Linie entstammt aus den in Süditalien angebauten Orangen, Zitronen, Lavendel, Rosmarin & Oliven. Alle ätherischen Öle für die Düfte werden selbst im Kaltverfahren ganz schonend hergestellt. Alles BIO und mit Hochachtung vor den Pflanzen. Du wirst den Unterschied zu "normaler" Kosmetik erspüren. Die Produkte schwingen extrem hoch, ich habe es selbst vor Ort erfahren 🙏
      Inhalt / Lieferumfang
      Hand- & Body wash 200ml &
      Hand- & Bodylotion 200ml

      Das Produkt ist: Zertifizierte NATRUE BIO-Naturkosmetik, sensitiv, vegan, no cruelty
      Die INCI`s und weitere Informationen, findest Du beim jeweiligen Produkt.